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2019 Apr 21st 1:53am
My album Hahaha is a year old today! If you have listened to it, you might understand me a little. The songs on it are good reflections on who I was and what I discovered about myself from 2013-2017. For that reason the record probably speaks more to people who know me already than to a general audience. If you haven't heard it yet, today is a good day to listen! -- I have been writing some pieces of back story on each song on my site I'll have a few more of those up soon too, as well as a music video. As far as I'm concerned, the typical album release promotional circus works for flash-in-the-pan commercial releases, but this is a personal document that will forever be part of my history and legacy, so I am supporting the record at whatever pace feels right. -- I have to thank @krispkrust for his phenomenonally soulful approach to drumming on the record, Mark Fede for his patience in recording and mixing everything, Alex Molini for the final song, @casskette for her beautiful art, @eamondefabbiakane for his willingness to shoot my naked torso, and of course Dan and Alec at @explodinginsound, the best label run by the most honest folks. The biggest thanks goes to anyone who listened and supported me in any way on this journey. My fans and friends are all I have in the world, I am so grateful for anyone who has tried to hear me and understand me through my work. I am hoping to have the next record out by next year! In the meantime, if you don't have a copy yet, head on over to the Exploding in Sound site and snag one while they are still warm! . . . . . #yazanmusic #yazangrows #explodinginsound #hahaha #kriskuss #alexmolini #markfede #albumcover #420
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